Zhu Weiji & Lu Yinyin and Mengdiexuan

Donators: Zhu Weiji & Lu Yinyin and Mengdiexuan

Zhu Weiji and Lu Yinyin, famous collectors in Hongkong, have been collecting Chinese ancient antiquities, especially gold- and silver-ware and accessories, and silk clothes for years. They call their private collections Mengdiexuan. Zhu Weiji now works as a partner and CEO of Ketchum public relations consultant corporation, one of the world's top ten public relations consultant corporations, in charge of the Asia-Pacific operations, mainly promoting the market expansion in the Greater China region (Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan). His wife, Lu Yinyin, is the president of Ketchum Corporation in the Greater China region.

Donation time: April, 2010

Donated relics: There are 75 pieces/sets of silk relics donated, including 73 pieces/sets of fabrics and clothes of Liao dynasty, one piece of embroidery pouch of the Northern Dynasties, and one piece of embroidery of Qing dynasty. The relics of Liao dynasty include two pieces of silk robes, four hats, one shoe, four pairs of boot covers, two gloves, three pairs of stockings, seven pieces of waistbands, and eleven pieces of pouches; besides, there are also over 30 pieces of fabrics with exquisite tapestry, figured woven, hand-painted, embroidery, etc.

To commemorate the donation of Mr. & Mrs. Zhu, during September 10, 2010 – November 16, 2010, a special exhibition named Adornments of the Noble Riders: The Elegant Lifestyle of the Qitan Royals is held, consisting of objects mainly selected from the donation. During May, 2012 – June, 2010, another exhibition: The Elegant Lifestyle of the Qitan Royals is held at the Arthur M. Sackler of Art and Archeology Museum at Peking University, as an appreciation to the generousness of Mr. Zhu Weiji and Mrs. Lu Yinyin, and wishing more donations will be made.

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