30th anniversary of China National Silk Museum: a new journey to embark on

Editor: Huang Yan

Reporters: Huang Yan, Li Qiaoqiao

source: In Zhejiang 

China National Silk Museum marked its 30th anniversary on February 26, 2022. Located beside the West Lake and at the foot of Yuhang Mountains in Hangzhou, China National Silk Museum was established in 1992 and is the largest silk museum in the world with display items reaching up to 70000 pieces ranging from silk, embroidery, and intangible culture.

Zhao Feng, Chief Director of China National Museum (Photo/Huang Yan)

Since its founding, the China National Silk Museum has been committed to a number of international research networks and alliances, such as the International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles, and organized a host of international events, including the annual "Silk Road Week", as part of its efforts to spread silk culture to a broader audience.

Over the past three decades, the generations of staff in the China National Silk Museum have witnessed and engaged in the founding, development and flourishing of China's silk cultural displays. All the staff and the retired workers of the museum were also invited to participate in the forum to celebrate the 30th anniversary and awarded for the great contribution to the museum.

The museum staff received awards (Photo/ Huang Yan)

Besides, a series of visual items including the logo, slogan and illustration animation was released for the 30th anniversary drawing on the images of the interior decorations and landmark in the museum as well as traditional silk culture to highlight the theme "a farewell to the past and a journey to start".

The logo, slogan, and illustration released at the venue (Photo/ China National Silk Museum)

In the next few months, the museum will hold a series of online and onsite events, exhibitions and programs to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its founding. "More enthusiasm will be devoted to developing into a world-class museum with peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit, and strive to promote silk culture and Silk Road spirits under the Belt and Road Initiative, promote mutual understanding and mutual learning among different countries and civilizations,” said Zhao Feng, the chief director of the China National Silk Museum.

The group photo of staff to celebrate 30th anniversary (Photo/ China National Silk Museum)

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