The Third Chinese Costume Festival

On May 23th, the Third Chinese Costume Festival was held in NSM, themed on the Song Dynasty. In order to prevent the Covid-19, the event was broadcast live online, on official Weibo account of NSM, Tiktok an d Bilibili platforms. Audiences would be able to focus on traditional Chinese costume an d enjoy elegancy of the Song dynasty at home. The festival consisted of tour guide, forum, cultural relics appreciation an d Hanfu (Chinese costume) evening, supported by 17 Hanfu-related merchants an d associations. Nearly one million views watched the festival.

The narrators guided the audience through the permanent exhibition “The Way of Chinese Silk: Silk History an d the Silk Road” an d explained Song dynasty costumes in the exhibition. The exhibition

specially planned for the Festival “Far-reaching Hunan Grace: Costumes of the Song an d the Yuan in Hunan Museum” was guided in detail as well.

Focusing on the theme of “Hanfu an d Traditional Aesthetics”, five experts an d amateurs in textile an d traditional Chinese costume discussed their understa nding of traditional aesthetics through live speech an d spot connection. They are: ZHOU Yang, director of Key Scientific Research Base of Textile Education Activity Annual Report for the Year China National Silk Museum 2020 Conservation (China National Silk Museum); LIU Jian, deputy director of the Technology Department of NSM; CHEN Shiyu, a famous costume researcher; Jingzi, teacher of Nalan Meiyu an d Xuan Ji.

During the cultural relics appreciation session, the supporting team an d several Hanfu amateurs were invited to enter the room to see the costume collections up close. At the same time through livestream, audiences could appreciate collections through the network. ZHAO Feng, director of NSM an d WANG Shujuan, deputy director of the Technical Department, explained the precious costumes unearthed f rom the Chayunshan tomb in Fujian Province in the Southern Song dynasty an d the Zhou Tomb in De'an, Jiangxi province.

Hanfu Evening combined off-line clothing explanation with online sitcom to reflect the elegancy of Hanfu in Song Dynasty.

In coherence with the theme of the festival, NSM held an online friendly wearing match named “My Hanfu style of Song Dynasty”, together with Yaoguang, one of the sponsor merchant. The match received a warm response fr om Hanfu amateurs all over the country.

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