Review of workshops in Biennale of Natural Dyers

Experience Sharing of "Restoration of Colorful Tie-dye Techniques" 

Colorful tie-dye originated an/d became popular in the Tang Dynasty. Almost all of its technique secrets have been lost. Now only the blue tie-dye is still used an/d inherited in the south of Zhejiang. With the support of China National Silk Museum, Wang Hesheng, a representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage "Blue Tie-Dye Technique" in Zhejiang Province an/d Curator of Caicheng Blue Tie-Dye Museum, will guide the participants to make 3-5 pieces of ancient classic colorful tie-dye clothes. 

Venue: Textile Training Center 

Date: October 24 

Instructor: Wang Hesheng

Kashgar Block Printing 

Block printing for textiles (stencil printing craft) is a traditional folk craft prevailing in the south of Xinjiang, where beautiful patterns with distinct national features are made by means of engraved wooden blocks an/d natural dye extracts. Wujiaxim Wuxur, a national intangible cultural heritage inheritor, will preside over an/d direct this workshop activity. 

Venue: Sericulture Gallery

Date: October 24 

Instructor: Wujiaxim Wuxur (غۇجىھاشىم ھوشۇ)

Patchwork Featuring Qianlong Palettes 

Patchwork is a craft that has lasted for a long time. It is made of cloth materials in different textures, colors, an/d shapes. It is also known as Bai Na in China for a good implication. Jin Yuanshan, a world-renowned patchwork artist, will preside over this workshop activity. According to the colour combinations based on the Qianlong Palettes provided by the China National Silk Museum, Ms. Jin will guide participants to make a piece of classic copper-coin-shaped patchwork ornament. 

Venue: Textile Training Center 

Date: October 25-26 

Instructor: Jin Yuanshan

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