China National Silk Museum (NSM), near the West Lake in Hangzhou, is one of the first state-level museums in China , covering an area of 42,286 square meters and a building area of 22,999 square meters. It was opened on February 26th, 1992, and welcomes visitors without charge since January 1st, 2004. In 2015, the museum started an extension and renovation project, after a year of trials and hardships, NSM finally embraces the audience from all over the world in a brand new look.

China National Silk Museum (NSM) is a non-profit permanent institution open to the public for the collection, protection, research, display, inheritance and innovation of textiles, which starts with Chinese silk but further expands to costume studies, traditional craftsmanship, textile conservation, and contemporary fashion. The museum is committed to expanding its international reach and impact in the service of the sustainable development of culture, economy, and society.

Through the joint effort of all the staff, China National Silk Museum achieved remarkable progress in obtaining silk collections, hosting domestic and foreign exhibitions, protecting textile heritages, inheriting sericulture and silk weaving skills,carrying out popular silk science education and promoting the silk culture. In the recent years, the museum has cooperated with academic institutions around the world, and jointly founded the International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles, which has undertaken a large number of international cooperation, and is bringing the exquisite silk and the broad silk culture to all over the world.

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